About Bonita

High Quality
Bonita tissues and paper towels suit your daily needs. Bonita's product line comes in different sizes and textures that will cater your household and corporate requirements:  From bathroom & interfolded kitchen paper towels to on-the-go facial pop-up tissues & so much more!

We offer Variety
Bonita comes in many different tissue variants for different use: Kitchen Towels, Bathroom Tissues, Facial Tissues, Tabletop Paper towels and many more.

Quality is our commitment
Products are 100% Virgin Pulp, meaning no chemical bleaching process is applied in producing Bonita Tissue. Our tissue is purely refined from wood pulp of trees that have just been cut down and not from a recycled or synthetic pulp source.

We prioritize Affordability
Bonita’s Suggested Retail Price (SRP) is 5% lower than other leading tissue brands. We also offer exclusive discount packages to new retail customers!

100% Filipino-made
Bonita tissue is purely made in the Philippines. Each pack you purchase helps support our local paper industry. Join us in promoting Filipino products!